Devices for encrypted storages

    OxySec offers three different devices for creating encrypted disks for data protection:
  • xCoreDisk: hardware encryption of virtual disks
  • CryptoSD: MicroSD management with hardware encryption
  • OxyDisk: mass storage with hardware data encryption

Comparative technical sheet

 Device interface      
    USB HighSpeed Interface (480Mb)
    Driverless device

    Max disk size Unlimited Limited by MicroSD 128 GBytes
    Mass Storage partitioning into 4 logical units  
    Attivazione e disattivazione delle unità logiche in modo indipendente
    AES 256 Harware Encryption of all data on the disks
    AES keys generated internally and not exportable
    Cryptography tied to the S/N of the device
    Cryptography tied to the S/N of the MicroSD memory
    Number of disks (or MicroSD) unlimited
    Possibility to have a second disk in FLASH (read only) with preloaded login utility

 Hrdware features      
    ARM Cortex M4 processor @ 168 MHz
    AES cryptographyc coprocessor
    True Random Number Generator TRNG (FIPS certified)
    Hashing cryptographyc coprocessor
    Integrated USB HighSpeed interface (480Mb/sec)
    Overprinted tamperevident SBS rubber shell

    Shell in semi-transparent polycarbonate

 Other specific features of xCoreDisk PRO      
    Integrated Authentication service
    Administrator user to manage the device
    Managing the expiration date of the device
    Tools for remote device management
    Creation of device clones for workgroups

 Support of the xCore protection architecture with the limitations indicated      
    Full support of the xCore security architecture as an xCore device (xCoreDisk PRO)

    Limitation - RAM space available for code execution 48 KBytes

xCoreDisk dimensions


xCoreDiskC dimensions