Fast mode

    The xCoreDisk device can be used normally without installing anything: in this case we will use virtual disks with transfer rate limited to about 4 MBytes/sec.

    However, it is possible to activate the fast mode which, thanks to the installation of a specific OxySec driver, allows you to manage the same disks with speeds that can even reach 500 MBytes/sec.

Fast mode activation

    If you select the "Mount disk" command from the application menu, the window shown below will appear.

    Selecting "Fast Mode" the application proposes, if not yet done, the installation of the driver that will allow to implement this mode of operation. If the driver is already installed, it will be possible to choose which letter to associate the disk that will be mounted.

    Note that the selection of this mode will be inhibited in the following cases.

  • The disk you want to activate was created with the xCoreApp application with a release prior to
    • In this case the disk can only be mounted in the standard mode. If you want to access the data contained using the fast mode you will need to create a new virtual disk with the application xCoreDisk.exe Rel. or higher and move all data from the old disk to the new one.
  • The device support contract has expired and, as a consequence, the only method of use is the standard one.
    • The only way to reactivate the fast mode is to renew the support by contacting OxySec directly or proceeding from this page with the support extension request form.

Normal operation and fast mode

    The following table shows the main differences between normal operation and operation in fast mode.

Normal operation
  Fast mode
Transfer rate:   Up to 4 MBytes/sec
Up to 500 MBytes/sec  
AES 256 cryptography:   Performed by the device   Performed by the machine's processor  
AES 256 Keys:   Generated and used internally by the device   Generated by the device and used by the software  
Disk type:   Storage USB unit   Standard storage unit  

    NOTE - A virtual disk created with the application xCoreDisk.exe Rel. or higher can be mounted indifferently in the standard mode or in fast mode.