Tools & Firmware

  Firmware updates

    The firmware of xCoreDisk devices is in continuous development for the addition of features that allow a better experience of use. Below is the chronology of the various releases with some information regarding the changes made.

      xCoreDisk: firmware control
    The correct firmware is identified by the device: attempting to load any other file the device will return an error. It will always be possible to upload the correct file.

      xCoreDisk: firmware version
    During the upload the device verifies that the firmware version that you want to load is greater than or equal to that present before the launch of the update procedure.

Last firmware release: Rel. 2.00  -  January 31, 2019
xCoreDisk Firmware Rel. 2.01
coming soon

XcdUpdate.exe App Rel. 1.2

New features

  • Management of multiple virtual disks with a single device

Main changes

  • N/A

Bug fix

  • N/A

Recommended application release

  • xCoreDiskApp Rel. or higher

    NOTE - In this page it is possible to see the history of the various xCoreDisk firmware versions.

How to update the device firmware

    NOTE - Normally it is the setup program that automatically updates the firmware; however, you can update it manually by following the instructions below.
  • Insert the xCoreDisk device into a USB port.
  • Close the "Mount Disk" dialog that Windows may display.
  • If the device is already present in a USB port, make sure that the disk is unmounted: if necessary unmount it by choosing "Unmount disk".
  • Open the XcdUpdate.exe program: the window shown below will appear:
  • Click on "Browse..." and select the new firmware.
  • Enter the device password.
  • Click on "Upload" and wait for the procedure to finish.

     At the end of the operation in the dialogue the new version number of the device will be displayed.