xCoreDisk: your data is safe

    Protect your data from prying eyes: with xCoreDisk it's easy. It takes just a few seconds to create a disk that only you can access and in which all your data will be encrypted and safe from any violation attempt.

     Only you, with your xCoreDisk device, will have access to the stored data.

Using xCoreDisk for the GDPR

The first virtual disk with hardware encryption

    xCoreDisk is the new device designed and produced by OxySec. It allows you to create all the virtual disks you want, encrypted using the cryptographic hardware coprocessor.

A few steps to protect your sensitive data

  • Create a virtual disk with the OxySec tools: the data will be saved in a folder with fully encrypted files, managed by the OxySec tools
  • Mount the disc by unlocking the device with your password: an additional disk will appear in Windows Explorer
  • Use the disk to write and read the data you want to protect; you can mount the disk even read-only to prevent changes to the content
  • Remove the device and the disk will disappear: only fully encrypted data will remain on the PC
    And remember that you can create as many virtual disks as you want.

xCoreDisk in the cloud

    You can keep your data secure even when you put them in the cloud. All you need to do is to create a virtual disk into a folder synchronized to the cloud to get your disk encrypted, backed-up and available anywhere. The OxySec tools will also allow you to create the disk in order to optimize the use of your connection band.

We have tested xCoreDisk with the main cloud services

CronoDisk extension: the new way of backing up


Critografia dati

Data Encryption

Critografia disco

Disk encryption

Disco virtuale

Virtual disk

Cifratura e crittografia hardware

hardware encryption

Cifratura e crittografia hardware