User manual

    This manual refers to the last application xCoreDiskApp release. You can consult the manuals for previous versions starting from this page.

    If you are using xCoreDisk for the first time and want to use it immediately without any particular customization, consult the First Use page: you will be guided step by step in the configuration of your device and your encrypted disk.

    However, OxySec recommends that you read the xCoreDisk.exe application manual carefully as it contains important information regarding data security.

    NOTEIf the operating system is Windows 7, it will be necessary to integrate the device installation by following the instructions on this page in order to allow the operating system to correctly use the device.

Starting the xCoreDisk.exe application

    At the start, the application shows an icon in the Windows tray bar.

    Clicking on this icon opens a series of menus that allows you to perform all the operations necessary for the configuration and use of the xCoreDisk device.