Prices & features

  • Encryption of virtual disks with AES 256 algorithm
  • AES 256 run runtime from the device for maximum security and portability - Transfer rate: up to 4 MByes/sec
  • AES 256 performed by the PC for maximum speed with keys generated and managed by the device - Transfer rate: over 400 MBytes/sec(1)
  • Authenticated session opening with the device via RSA 2048 / RSA 4096
  • Authenticated session encrypted with AES 256 GCM with volatile key
  • Device and disk backup functions

Personal use
  Professional use
Private user   Business

  "Fast" mode
   xCoreDisk Business
xxx,00 €
VAT included
  xxx,00 €/year
VAT included
xxx,00 €/year *
for the first 2 years - then 48€/year


Transfer rate: up to 4 MBytes/sec

Fully driverless device:
nothing needs to be installed for use

"Fast" mode (over 400 MBytes/sec)(1) 
included for the first year after activation
(with installation of OxySec drivers)

Unlimited number of virtual disks
All the features of xCoreDisk

Enabling OxySec drivers for access
to the "Fast" mode (over 400 MBytes/sec)(1)

Access to updates
of all applications
and to the new firmware releases

Email support
      All the features of xCoreDisk + Fast

On request, customization of
RSA protocol keys

Access to updates
of all applications
and to the new firmware releases

Priority mail + telephone assistance

* Support for the first 2 years to be paid in advance (for a total of € 128)

    NOTE - When the support expires, the device will continue to operate in standard mode (4 MBytes/sec) and only with applications and firmware released before the expiry date of the support itself..

(1) Speed refers to a PC with PCIe solid state disks and Intel I7 8° Gen.