Support and license

What happens when the support expires?   Support expiration

Application support and firmware support

   The purchase of an xCoreDisk device includes the license to use the management application as well as a free year of upgrade for both the firmware of the device and for the application and features added.

     At the end of the support period xCoreDisk will continue to work normally but it will no longer be possible to update the firmware or use an application released after the end of support date.

     You can check the support period by inserting the xCoreDisk device and clicking in the application on the "About" menu: the following window will appear.

    In this specific case, support for all features expires on 12/31/2021..

Support update

    The purchase of a support extension allows you to restore the possibility of updating both the firmware and the application.

     After purchasing this extension from OxySec for the required period, insert the device into a USB port and click on the "Licenses" submenu contained in the "Device" menu. The following window will appear.

     By clicking on the "Update" button the application will connect to the OxySec services and the dates will be set to the new correct value.

     NOTE - This operation can be carried out at any time and whenever you want: the configuration parameters are managed online by OxySec services and only by OxySec can be modified.

OxySec license and user license

    The fields relating to the OxySec license and the user license are used only for demo devices or for custom devices with a deadline set by the developer.

     Upon reaching the date indicated, the device will stop working: it will be necessary to contact OxySec or the company that customized the device to update the device license and make it usable again.

Update of the OxySec license

    License expiration dates are updated online. The end user will have to download the xChannelClient.exe application and follow the instructions below.

  • Download the xCoreChannel application by clicking on this link.
  • Agree with OxySec for the moment in which to update the license: in fact, a simultaneous intervention by an OxySec operator is required to change the device parameters.
  • Open the program, insert the xCoreDisk device into a USB port and click on the "Search" button.

     Select the device and, in the "Remote Admin address (IP or URL)" field, enter the value "". Then click on "Connect" and wait for OxySec, in real time, to modify the expiration dates of the licenses.