Contemporary Software and Data Protection

with a single device

  • Onboard core execution
  • Integrated RSA PSS / OATP authentication with keys up to 2048 bits
  • Encrypted protocol (AES 256 GCM) and encrypted code
  • 128 KByte of RAM for onboard execution
  • I/O Buffer: 32+32 KByte
  • 32 KByte of interal EEPROM
  • Management of license, users and modules expiration
  • Extended internal API
  • SDK integrated with Microsoft Visual Studio
  • Creation of virtual disks of any size
  • Simultaneous management of 4 disk
  • Storage of all data in encrypted form
  • Maintaining virtual disk recovery points
  • Communication API for disk management integrated in the protected application
  • Customization of all RSA and AES authentication and protocol keys


xCoreDiskDEV configuration

    xCoreDiskDEV is the complete version that allows you to implement the software protection system based on the onboard execution of parts of the application. The device configuration is illustrated on this page.

     For more detailed technical information it is necessary to access the technical area of xCore with the authorization of OxySec.