The DEV version of the xCoreDisk device has been introduced to obtain some features necessary for the developer who wants to take advantage of the complete features of the architecture:

  • customization of the Admin RSA key required for the device configuration and management process
  • customization of the protocol key for the creation of authenticated sessions
  • management of the expiration date of the device license
  • use of all the features of the integrated xCore software protection architecture

     PLEASE NOTE - For a more detailed documentation on the configuration and management of the devices and on the use of the tools it is necessary to access the technical area of xCore. Access to this area is authorized discretionally by OxySec.

xCoreDiskDEV setup

    The xCoreDiskDEV device must first be initialized with the minimum information necessary for operation. To do this, use the xCoreUtil.exe tool that can be downloaded from the xCore reserved technical area (OxySec authorization is required to access this site).

     Insert the xCoreDiskDEV device into a USB port and run the application: the window shown below will appear:

    Click on the "Search" button and select the device that will appear.

     Go to the "Setup" tab. Set a Label for your xCoreDiskDEV devices and, by clicking on the buttons highlighted in the following figure, generate your own encryption keys.

     Then save the configuration in a file by clicking on "Save as ...".

    PLEASE NOTE - It is very important to save the file containing this data since without them it will be impossible to communicate with the device.

     Open the session by clicking on "Open session": a session will be opened with the device using the Admin user defalut keys.

     Then click on the "Setup" button to set the new values in the xCoreDiskDEV device: at the end of the operation, a dialogue will appear indicating that the configuration has taken place.

    The device is now configured with the new protocol keys (for communication) and the Admin user (for management).

     It is now necessary to export the public RSA protocol key in order to insert it among the parameters used by the xCoreApp.exe application which must know this key in order to open a session with the device in which to send the commands.

     Click on the "Export xCore blob" button highlighted in the figure below.

    The following window will appear:

    The Blob is the value of the protocol key that will be used by the xCoreApp.exe application. Click on "Copy to clipboard" to copy its value.

    Now open the XCoreDisk.exe.config file that accompanies the xCoreApp.exe application with an xml editor.

    In the "value" fields, the device Label and the protocol key blob must be entered respectively:

    Then save the file and close it.

     Now start the xCoreDisk.exe application from the same folder where the newly saved xml file is present: the application will recognize the device and will be able to manage it and manage all and only those configured with the parameters set as above.

     The application will now allow the management of the xCoreDiskDEV device as a normal xCoreDisk device,