The xCoreDiskSetup.exe application allows you to install the xCoreDisk application, update the service disk and update the device firmware.



xCoreDisk Setup Rel.
April 27, 2020

    All applications are signed by OxySec.

    PLEASE NOTE - Discs created with the application in versions prior to will be transformed for use with the new format and will no longer be usable with the version 2.x or previous.

    NOTE - In this page it is possible to consult the recent versions history of the xCoreDisk.exe application.

Update procedure

    NOTE - Normally the application itself will indicate the presence of an update with the "New release available"  menu.

    However, you can always perform the whole procedure manually by following the instructions below.

  • Close the xCoreDisk application if running
  • download the software by clicking on the link above;
  • unzip the zip archive and start the xCoreDiskSetup.exe application;
  • the window shown below will appear:
  • choose which actions to perform from those granted and click on the "Setup" button;
  • at the end of the process close the window: you can now use xCoreDisk.

Manual firmware update

     Normally the device firmware is automatically updated from the application setup. However, it will always be possible to manually update the device by following the instructions on this page.