Tools & Firmware

       The xCoreDisk.exe application, necessary for the use of xCoreDisk devices, is already present in the Service disk that the operating system sees when the xCoreDisk device is inserted into a USB port.

    The links that allow you to download the latest version of the application as well as the image of the Service disk updated to the latest version of the xCoreDisk.exe application are listed below.

    NOTE - In this page it is possible to consult the recent versions history of the xCoreDisk.exe application.


xCoreDisk Application Rel. 3.0.3
Service disk image
Novembrer 1, 2019
 Firmware Rel. 1.50

    All applications are signed by OxySec.

    PLEASE NOTE - Discs created with the application in versions prior to will be transformed for use with the new format and will no longer be usable with the old versions.

Recommended update procedure

  • If not done yet, update the device firmware as shown on this page
  • download the service disk image by clicking on the image above;
  • update the service disk using the menu Device->Service Disc->Load Image by loading the newly downloaded image of the new version;
  • reactivate the service disk if it has been disabled (menu Device->Service Disc->Activate/Deactivate);
  • close the xCoreDisk application by clicking on the "Exit" menu;
  • unplug and replug the xCoreDisk device;
  • from the service disk, which now contains the new version, run the xCoreDisk.exe application;
  • from the menu choose Autorun and choose to run this last version of the application at startup.

How to update the service disk

    After downloading the xCoreApp.img service disk image, click on the icon in the TrayBar and select the "Upload Image" menu.

    The following dialogue will appear:

    Select the image to be loaded and click on the "OK" button. A window will appear asking you to wait for the operation to finish.

    At the end it will be announced that the Service disk has been updated correctly.

    NOTE - The Service disk is updated even if it is disabled.