Use in Windows 7

    Drivers for use in the Windows 7 environment are already present in the operating system but their use by the xCoreDisk device requires user intervention.

    There is a folder called "Win7Cab" in the Service disk. In this folder there are two files of which the Windows 7 operating system needs to correctly associate the driver with xCoreDisk devices.

    NOTE - You can even download the compressed folder by clicking on this link.

Installation procedure

    Insert the xCoreDisk device into a USB port and wait for Windows 7 to finish installing the main drivers. Then right-click on "Computer" and select the "Manage" menu.

    In the left column select "Device Manager". A yellow triangle with the writing on the xCoreDisk device will appear in the right hand column in "Other devices".

    Right click on "xCoreHS" and select "Properties". The property management window will appear. In this window, select the "Driver" tab at the top.

    Click on "Update Driver ...". The following window will appear:

     Choose "Browse my computer for driver software" and in the window that will appear, select "Browse..." and choose the "Win7Cab" folder in the xCoreDisk device Service disk or the same folder downloaded from this site. 
     Once the folder has been chosen, click on "Next": the system will terminate the update and the xCoreDisk device will be ready to be used.